The Way the Cookie Crumbles: Flowood’s newest bakery is whipping up sweet memories with sweet treats

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April / May 2014

Imagine coming home from work every night smelling like success. Sweet success, that is. The moment you step through the glass door of Chucklet & Honey Southern Bakery, your nostrils are filled with the smell of vanilla and fresh baked cookies. It’s a smell that owner Karen Hargett says follows her home at night.

There are worse things in life than smelling like fresh baked cookies.

Hargett and her two siblings have fond childhood memories of spending time in the kitchen with their mother while growing up in Vicksburg. As a child, Hargett’s brother Chuck went by several nicknames, but Chucklet was his favorite. Honey was a nickname affectionately bestowed on their mother, Janice. Those memories would later inspire Chuck to open Chucklet & Honey, an online, mail order cookie delivery company, in Nashville in 2010. The recipes were developed from recipes handed down by Hargett’s mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Today, the mail order business ships cookies all over the continental United States.

In 2013, Chuck decided he wanted to pursue other ventures. Hargett and her sister purchased the business and moved the entire operation to Flowood. Initially, the sisters fully intended to keep the business as a mail order enterprise only and purchased a space to house their bakery.

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“While we were working on getting the bakery ready, people would come in and ask if we were planning on opening a store,” says Hargett. “We had no intention of opening a store, but the more people asked, the more we thought maybe we should.”

Chucklet & Honey’s flagship store opened in August 2013. The storefront offers approximately 20 different varieties of cookies including some season items. Some of their best sellers include the tried and true Chucklet & Honey Signature Chocolate Chip, the Mistical Peanut Butter, and the Sweet Tea Buttercream, a recipe developed by Chuck himself. Hargett says her younger customers really enjoy the Cookie Monster, made by sandwiching homemade buttercream frosting between either two chocolate chip or two M&M cookies.

In the six months since the storefront has opened, Hargett says the response has been positive.

“We are still just a cookie company and the majority of our business still comes from mail orders, “ she says, “But we are spreading our wings and looking for new ideas to explore.”

Recognizing a need for healthier options, Chucklet & Honey recently launched Chucklet & Healthy, an extension of their current cookie line that offers lower sugar, gluten-free, and vegan options.

“We have tested all the recipes in this line to make sure they are not only healthier, but they taste good,” Hargett explains. “The taste is really important.” Chucklet & Healthy cookies are available online at and will be availble in the storefront in the coming months.

In addition to individual cookies, the Flowood store also provides customized cookie cakes and other options for special events such as baby showers, gender reveal parties, or weddings.

“We really want to become a part of people’s lives,” Hargett adds. “We pride ourselves on the fact that our cookies have just the right mix of crispy on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside. We think once a customer tries one of our cookies for the first time, they will be a customer for life.”

320 Belle Meade Pointe
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