Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The small stuff.

The stuff that has been on your to-do list forever,
but you’re too busy doing what you do best:
Growing your business.

There comes a point where you can’t do it all
on your own. You need to hire someone to help.
Someone like me.

Lean more


Freelance Web Icons“No matter how challenging Lisa’s task is, she always manages to complete it below budget and within a tight deadline. I find that her writing style is current with the digital trend. She easily incorporates the company or product personality into her copies which ultimately resulted in a genuine voice to end customers or prospect. Her writing style is highly suitable for corporate level social media, blogs, twitter, and other social media outlets.”
                                          — Lulu Intan, Digital Marketing Consultant

Freelance Web Icons“My company has worked with Lisa both as an employee and as a free-lance writer. She is efficient and responsive, with the ability to understand the subject matter quickly. Her writing is excellent and she can tell a product or brand story that is engaging. I recommend her for any free-lance writing project.”
— Philip Shirley, Chairman and CEO, Godwin Group

Freelance Web Icons“We are confident when Lisa writes for us that there will be very little editing to be done. She “gets” the purpose of our stories and writes in a manner very similar to what we would write if we were covering the same story. This extends our small staff and helps us get the job done.”
–Patti Wade, Director of Marketing and Communications, Jackson Academy

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Freelance Writing

Our world thrives on written communication – advertisements, magazines, newspapers, social media. But not everyone is an effective writer. Poor writing can wreck a story and ruin the reputation of a brand. That’s where a professional writer can help. Learn more.


A company blog is a great way to drive traffic, establish authority and convert new business leads. But not everyone has the time to devote to writing new content. Hiring a professional blogger ensures your content stays relevant and fresh. Learn more.

Social Media

For a business owner who is already spending most of their time growing their business, finding spare time to dedicate to social media can be impossible. Outsourcing your social media management to a third-party is one key business-building task you can take off your plate. Learn more.

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