There is always a story.

Behind every person, every place, and every thing there is a little kernel – a tale waiting to unfold.  It’s my job to find it.

Our world thrives on written communication – advertisements, magazines, newspapers, social media. But not everyone is an effective writer. Poor writing can wreck a story and ruin the reputation of a brand.

That’s where a professional writer can help.

My work experience includes a career in marketing, advertising, and public relations. As a professional freelance writer, I have written well-researched articles on topics ranging from healthcare to interior design. In addition, I have worked closely with businesses in the manufacturing and medical industries as well as for non-profit organizations to draft clear and concise copy for use in effective selling tools.

Why should you hire freelance?

  • I am easier on your budget. When you hire me, you are buying exactly what you need when you need it.
  • I am flexible. This is what I do for a living; therefore, I can usually work around your schedule.
  • I allow you to concentrate on other important business functions – like getting your magazine to print or generating new sales leads for your business.  I can deliver the content you want, on time, and within your budget.