In the Bloglight: Supermom Chef

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December 2012 / January 2013

Mandy Davis has been cooking since before she was old enough to see over the top of her grandmother’s kitchen counter.  As a young girl, Mandy helped her grandmother prepare meals for the children she kept in her home during the week.  Mandy’s task – making cornbread.  It was a staple at every meal and like most Southern dishes passed down from generation to generation, there was no recipe.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that, mix everything together and bake.  After being put in charge of such an important responsibility, Mandy knew she had her grandmother’s approval and the confidence to continue cooking.

Mandy launched her blog, “The Supermom Chef,” in 2010 so that she could combine her love of photography with her love of cooking.  She and her husband Matt live in Canton with their three children – an 8 year-old-boy and two girls ages 3 and 6.  Seven years ago, Mandy quit her full-time job to care for her son, who has been diagnosed with a rare disease that has required numerous surgeries and a lot of time in the hospital.  Despite the situation, Mandy still manages to keep an upbeat attitude while caring for her family, resulting in her being given the nickname “Supermom” by her close friends and family.  Since cooking is also a passion, the title “Supermom Chef” just seemed like the perfect fit.

However, Mandy is quick to point out, “I am, by no means, a trained chef. I have absolutely no formal culinary training. I’m simply a busy mom who enjoys preparing delicious food for my family and sharing my recipes with everyone else.”

Mandy hopes her blog will inspire more people to make dinner at home.   “This day in time, as busy as most families are the dinner table suffers,” she says.   “So many families think they don’t have time to make meals at home.”  Mandy tries to share recipes that are delicious, easy to prepare, and contain ingredients that are easy to find.  She also enjoys posting recipes from her past that her grandmother shared with her.

“When I prepare these recipes, it takes me back to her kitchen when she was right beside me,” she says.

So far, the response has been positive.  Mandy loves hearing from readers who have tried her recipes and come back to tell her how much their family enjoyed it.  She’s even gained a little notoriety.  “I had a friend tell me that a girl she was talking to saw me and said, ‘Oh my gosh! That was the Supermom Chef!’ Things like this blow me away because I never realized I’d be recognized like that.”

As for the future of this supermom, she hopes to one day turn her blog into a cookbook.  “I can’t imagine how it would feel to have all of my photos and recipes on paper and actually walk into a book store and see my book on a shelf,” she adds.  “Until then, I’ll continue making delicious recipes and sharing them with all of my faithful readers because that is what makes me the happiest!