Like a Rock: Granite Transformations

Stages Magazine
November/December 2010

It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. In most families, the kitchen is used more than any other space– whether for cooking, family meals, homework, art projects, gathering around the kitchen table for some good conversation or an old fashioned game of Monopoly. As the holiday season approaches, you may be giving your kitchen a critical eye in anticipation of the influx of family and friends that will be passing through your doors. Perhaps the kitchen in your home looks dated and you find yourself wishing for a fresh new look but don’t want to put yourself through the stress, mess, and cost of a complete remodel.

Granite Transformations in Madison has been offering homeowners several options for bringing a more contemporary look to kitchens and bathrooms since 2005. Granite countertops add not only a unique beauty to your home, but they are more durable and sanitary than conventional countertops. The company’s core product consists of Trend Stone, a product that mixes natural stone with a specially formulated polymer to provide greater strength and durability than traditional granite. “Trend Stone is natural granite that is engineered into a far superior surface for countertops than anything available,” says Brian Sartain, owner of Granite Transformations since 2007. “Our Trend Stone granite is non –porous, heat, scratch and stain resistant.”

The company offers unique, hassle-free installation that can usually be completed within a day or two. A certified installer carefully measures existing surfaces and builds a template to get every detail correct. The countertops are fabricated at their shop and then delivered to the job site. On installation day, the countertops are set in place and permanently bonded directly over the existing countertops. There is no demolition and no downtime.

In addition to TrendStone, Granite Transformations also offers Trend Glass and Trend Mosaics. Says Brian, “Trend Glass is manufactured with granite and recycled glass. These make astonishing, vibrant countertops that would totally change and enhance a kitchen. Trend Glass works better in bathroom applications. We have transformed many bathroom vanities and showers using Trend Glass.” Trend Glass is also extremely durable and low maintenance. It’s heat resistant, cold resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant. The non-porous surface also does not stain and it very easy to clean.

Trend Mosaics are transparent 4’ x 10’ glass mosaic tile slabs that can be adhered directly over many surfaces. The slabs are pre-grouted with a latex grout that is stain resistant, does not crack, and does not require sealing. “Trend Mosaics used as backsplashes will compliment any countertop,” adds Brian. “There are many styles and colors that are available and better yet the customer can custom blend several different colors to produce a custom backsplash that all your friends and neighbors would envy.”

Obviously, cost is a determining factor when contemplating whether or not to update your kitchen or bathroom. “Many people call and ask ‘How much is your product?’ That is a great question but can not be answered with just a number,” explains Sartain. “We are a high end product. We have done over 1000 kitchens and baths since opening and there has never been any two kitchens or baths exactly the same. Every customer has different wants and needs such as a new sink or faucet, backsplashes, edge type, color, etc. And since no two kitchen

and bath designs are the same, giving an accurate price off-the-cuff is impossible.” Granite Transformations offer free home consultations to measure the customer’s space and determine their needs. A written quote is then presented to the customer.

Adds Sartain, “Cost is what you pay for that item over its useful life. There are different products available for the consumer that are priced less than ours, but none that cost less or are superior to our product. Think about it -who is going to pay to repair for damage to your house during demolition of your existing countertops? How long are you going to be out of your kitchen with that process and having many different contractors in your house for 2-3 weeks completing the job? How much is it going to cost to maintain those countertops with sealants over the life of the product? None of those costs are associated with our product.”

Customers are encouraged to visit the company’s Madison showroom to view kitchen, bathroom and shower displays and feel finished products. Samples are also available so customers can decide on color choices prior to having an in-home consultation.

“Our motto ‘Done in a day, beautiful for life’ pretty much sums up our philosophy. Granite Transformations takes great pride in providing our customers with a superior product and service,” says Sartain. “All of our products are backed by a lifetime warranty against material defects. The holidays are fast approaching, so if a customer is considering new countertops, now is the time to call us.”