Merrily All the Way: Merriment

Stages Magazine
May/June 2010

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When entrepreneurs Danna Kirk and Page Farris chose a name for their new, up-and-coming clothing and home accessories boutique, they had no idea the name “Merriment” would come to embody the entire philosophy of the store.  When customers enter through the front door of Merriment, they are not only greeted by an array of unique home furnishings and accessories that are sure to complement anyone’s decor, but the staff go out of their way to create a shopping environment that’s  fun, edgy, and comfortable.

“We recently had a customer tell us, ‘You have a great atmosphere here.  It just feels good,’” says Kirk. “Another group of girls told us, ‘We like to shop here because everyone is always happy!’  We like to have fun and our customers know it.  They can feel the excitement!”

Merriment sets itself apart by being a one-stop-shop where you can “dress your home and yourself.”  The pair work hard to find quality merchandise that represent vitality, energy, comfort, and modern style at reasonable prices.  Working with a variety of outside vendors, Merriment has numerous resources at their fingertips to help a customer find that perfect piece.

Merriment offers personalized interior design services for any budget.

“We love working with our customers to find that piece that fits in their space as if it was made for them,” adds Kirk.  “We have worked with several customers who dropped by the store to ‘look around’ and through a series of conversations, we found each of them several pieces for their home.  Just because you don’t see it in the store doesn’t mean we don’t have it or can’t get it.”

Merriment also offers a bridal registry and gift services.  The staff is on hand to help new brides-to-be pick out jewelry and gifts for everyone in the bridal party from bridesmaids, flower girls, and mothers.

Kirk and Page recently expanded their store to include a larger array of apparel – including Peace, Rock, and Glam, Big Buddha handbags, and soon the Life is Good clothing line.  “Why have a store if you can’t have cute clothes?” laughs Kirk.  “Both Page and myself and our daughters have really enjoyed the new additions to our clothing line.”  Customers get the added benefit of having the Merriment staff put together an ensemble that will meet any occasion.  “We had a customer going out of town with her daughter, so we put together some cute outfits for them to come try, including jewelry, handbags, and new luggage to put it in  Nothing like dashing out of town with tags on everything, including your luggage!”  Merriment also offers a complete line of baby gifts – including clothing, blankets, furnishings, and keepsake items.