Freelance Web Icons“No matter how challenging Lisa’s task is, she always manages to complete it below budget and within a tight deadline. I find that her writing style is current with the digital trend. She easily incorporates the company or product personality into her copies which ultimately resulted in a genuine voice to end customers or prospect. Her writing style is highly suitable for corporate level social media, blogs, twitter, and other social media outlets.”
                                          — Lulu Intan, Digital Marketing Consultant

Freelance Web Icons“Lisa is a regular contributor to eat.drink.MISSISSIPPI. She tackles every assignment with enthusiasm and her passion for writing and food are evident in every article she writes. She is always able to take any idea thrown her way to give the result I desire. Her advanced photography skills and adherence to deadlines are big pluses for me. She is a pleasure to work with and is highly recommended for any subject.”
— J. J. Carney, Publisher, eat. drink. MISSISSIPPI

Freelance Web Icons“Lisa has always performed each assignment at a high level of energy and has a great eye for a story.  She does a great job of making you feel like you were part of whatever she’s written about.  Lisa also has a great talent with the camera and can make you want to taste the food she’s captured with her photo.”
–Andy Chapman, Founder, Eat Jackson


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