“Lisa assists our digital department with so much energy and enthusiasm. No matter how challenging her task is, she always manages to complete it below budget and within a tight deadline. I find that her writing style is current with the digital trend. She easily incorporates the company or product personality into her copies which ultimately resulted in a genuine voice to end customers or prospect. Her writing style is highly suitable for corporate level social media, blogs, twitter, and other social media outlets.”
— Lulu Intan SVP, Audience Intelligence/Digital Strategies, GodwinGroup

“Lisa is a regular contributor to eat.drink.MISSISSIPPI. She tackles every assignment with enthusiasm and her passion for writing and food are evident in every article she writes. She is always able to take any idea thrown her way to give the result I desire. Her advanced photography skills and adherence to deadlines are big pluses for me. She is a pleasure to work with and is highly recommended for any subject.”
— J. J. Carney, Publisher, eat. drink. MISSISSIPPI

“Lisa has always performed each assignment at a high level of energy and has a great eye for a story.  She does a great job of making you feel like you were part of whatever she’s written about.  Lisa also has a great talent with the camera and can make you want to taste the food she’s captured with her photo.”
–Andy Chapman, Founder, Eat Jackson

“Lisa, great writing…you make me look good!  Thank you for your talents XXOO Kim”
— Kim Duease, Notable Accents, Inc.
A Harmony of Colors,” Mississippi Magazine, May / June 2013

“WOW….Got my……. eat. drink. Mississippi, Magazines today LOVE IT…..I am so, so excited the article, it came out soooooo good!!  You did a great job !!! XOXOX Thank you !! You have made my week!”
— Angie Sarris
In the Bloglight: Angie’s Southern Kitchen,” eat.drink.MISSISSIPPI, April / May 2013

“Just wanted to let you know that I just bought a copy of the magazine and the article is fantastic.”
— Jennifer Hospodor, Assistant Director of Community Affairs, University of Mississippi Medical Center
Mending a Broken Heart,” Mississippi Magazine, November / December 2012

“. . . I just wanted you to know how touched we were by the article ‘Mending a Broken Heart’ by Lisa Bynum. Tears came to my heart as I read it, even though I experienced everything she wrote about the article, but to see it on paper was awesome.  The fact that Lily’s story might help some other child have the wonderful experience that we had with Dr. Salazar and his team and the staff at Blair Batson is worth everything.  Thanks so much for running the article on Lily. . . ”
— Michelle Addy, mother of Lily Addy
Mending a Broken Heart,” Mississippi Magazine, November / December 2012

“Great job and thanks for helping get the breast cancer awareness message out via your great magazine. Don’t have the writer’s address but tell her for us what a fine story she wrote.”
— Paul Ott Carruth
A Story of Father-Daughter Survival,” Mississippi Magazine, September / October 2012

“Thank you so much for a wonderful article in Portico! It was great. Well written and, of course, I loved all the positive things said.  I do appreciate your work.”
— Celia Barrett, Celia Barrett Designs, Inc.
Eighties Nightmare to Kitchen Fabulous,” Portico Jackson, April 2012